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Panasonic Concert How to claim your ticket!
July 11, 2012

Good news, everyone! As courtesy of the Panasonic System Networks, Fukuoka Overseas Students Association [FOSA] has received the 100 invitations to the Panasonic New York Ensemble Concert.

  • Hakozaki箱崎:
    PIC担当者: Sara (090-2963-2667,
    Time受取期間: 12-13th July 2012 (Thu, Fri) 2012年7月12-13日(木金)
  • Ito伊都キャンパス:
    PIC: Felin (080-3856-0114,
    Time受取期間: 12-13th July 2012 (Thu, Fri) 2012年7月12-13日(木金)
  • ACROSその他:
    PIC担当者: Resti (080-3991-5663,
    Time受取期間: 18th July 2012, 17:00-18:00 2012年7月18日(水)17-18時


  • Please bring your ID card to claim your ticket and contact the PIC directly of which closer or more But as for failures, horoscopes leo subjects are convinced that they are caused by best online casino tricks of fortune. convenient to claim your ticket.
  • A flyer about etiquette of classical concert will be given to you. Read it carefully and if you have any questions, Panasonic System Networks has English & Chinese proficient staffs.
  • If you cannot get your ticket by Friday, please inform us to whether you can come earlier to get your ticket before the concert starts.
  • Unclaimed tickets will be given away on 18th July 2012 (Wed) 18:00~18:30