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[CLOSED]New York Symphony Concert ! []
June 25, 2012

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Hi! Thank you for your interest in New York Symphony Concert Free Tickets! Registration has closed. Registration number (as in the subject of our reply) up to no.120 is eligible for the tickets and shall be contacted for further details on how, when, and where to go to receive the tickets. However for registration number 121 onwards, we have to put you in our waiting list when some tickets are not being picked up other applicants and available. Keep up with our lates updates and information through our Website, Facebook page and Mailing List.
Fukuoka Overseas Students Association [FOSA]

Panasonic invites 100 international students to New York Symphony Concert! Details are as follows: パナソニック冠パナソニック冠コンサートへの留学生ご招待です。詳細は下記の通り!

  • Date & Time:Wednesday, 18th July 2012, Opens from 18:30, Starts from 19:00, Ends around 21:00
    日時: 2012年7月18日(水)18:30開場、19:00開演、21:00頃終演
  • Venue: Symphonic Hall, Acros Fukuoka, East 1st Floor
    場所: アクロス福岡 シンフォニーホール
  • Performing: New York Symphonic Ensemble conducted by Mr Mamoru Takahara
    出演: ニューヨーク・シンフォニック・アンサンブル(指揮: 高原守)
  • Program曲目
    • W.A. Mozart, Symphony No35 in D Major “Haffner”
    • W.A. Mozart. “Flute and Harp Concerto”
    • Mendelssohn, Symphony No4 in A Major “Italian”
  • How to apply 申込方法:
    Send the following details to Concert” as the subject. 下記の情報をメール件名を「Panasonic Concert」を付けた上に、info@fosa.jpまで送信してください。:
    • Name 氏名:
    • Country 出身国:
    • School 出身校:
    • E-mail address メールアドレス:
    • Phone number 携帯番号:.
  • Registration deadline: Monday, 9th July, mobile casino 2012 23:59
    申込締切: 201279日(月)23:59
  • There are several ground rules applied:
    • This is an invitation tickets from Panasonic System Network Co. Ltd.
      1. Tickets are not to be resold.
      2. When you cannot come, please give your tickets to your international-students fellows.
    • Please follow the manner at concert hall as follows:
      1. TURN OFF your mobile phone during performance.
      2. No recording during concert is allowed (There were similar cases in the past)
      3. There will be no entrance/exit allowed during concert.(If you arrive late, a staff member will be available to guide you to your seat if needed)
      4. Please follow the etiquette of attending a classical concert. (Click here for further reference!) *There will be English-speaking staffs to assist you.
  • After registration, we will send you further information how to get your tickets.

Apply as soon as possible before you missed a valuable chance to enjoy some classical music in between your hectic routines with study, research, and jobs! 今までクラシック音楽に親しんだことの無い方々も、学業や研究生活、アルバイトの合間に、心を休まるひとときを過ごされてはいかがでしょうか。

Fukuoka Overseas Students Association [FOSA]

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