Job hunting seminars for international students
June 15, 2012

Fukuoka International Student Support Center(FiSSC) provides job hunting seminars for international students. If you are interested in working a Japanese company after graduation, please join these seminars.

job hunting process in Japan/communication skills in Japanese/
job hunting experience from your “sempai”/how to read job offering form(“Kyu-jin Hyou)/
how to write “Entry Sheet”/favorable job hunting styles/interviews etc.

2012: May 12 (Sat.) / Jul.14 (Sat.) / Sep.8 (Sat.) / Nov.10 (Sat.) / Dec.8 (Sat.)
2013: Jan.12 (Sat.) / Feb.9 Sat.) / Mar.9 (Sat.)


Kokusai Hiroba (3rd floor of ACROS Fukuoka, Tenjin 1-1-1, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi)

International Students who will start job hunting in this year

【Number of Participants】
up to 30 casino online students *Please register in advance.


【How to apply】
Please send us the following information by E-mail.
1. Name / 2. Katakana name / 3. Name of university / 4. Major and Grade / 5. Nationality / 6. Mobile phone number and PC e-mail address / 7. Desired date of participation / 8. what you want to learn in this seminar

【E-mail address】 *FiSSC will email you after registration

See more information at click here!(only in Japanese).




2012年: 5月12日(土)/7月14日(土)/9月8日(土)/11月10日(土)/12月8日(土)
2013年: 1月12日(土)/2月9日(土)/3月9日(土)
【受付メールアドレス】 ※受付完了後、メールをお送りします。


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