Indonesian Culture Day 2013!
January 27, 2013

This annual event is back! This year as a celebration of our 10th anniversary, we would like to delight you by providing better performances and also inviting a special guest star: 6 angklung maestros from Saung Angklung Udjo. Saung Udjo is the most famous angklung player in the world from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Here, they will not only entertain us with their impressive performances but also all the audiences will be taught to play angklung by the maestros in the “Interactive Angklung” session.

今回のメインパフォーマンスは「サウン・ウジョー アルンバ アンクルン オーケストラ コンサート」です。

サウン・ウジョー アルンバ アンクルン オーケストラ コンサート とは

Program :
a. West Java Traditional Dances
b. Live Acoustic
c. Nakagawa Bamboo Orchestra
d. Angklung Performance by Saung Mang Udjo
e. Interactive Angklung
f. Photography Contest

* アンクルン体験
* ライブ・アコースティック
* 西ジャワの伝統舞踊
* バンブーオーケストラ那珂川

Ticket :
a. Adult : 1500 yen
b. Children (Elementary & Junior High) : 800 Yen
• All profit will be donated for children’s education in Indonesia
• Tickets can be bought on the venue or in advance by contacting:

1. Mie-san (090-2718-6754)
2. For Ito area online casino : Karina (080-3980-5885)
3. For Hakozaki area : Ratih (090-2963-1679) or Aril (080-4272-2367)

* 大人(高校生以上):1500円
* 子ども(小・中) :800円
前売りチケットも発売中 :

1. みえーさん(090-2718-6754)
2. 伊都地区:カリナ (080-3980-5885)
2. 箱崎地区 : ラティ(090-2963-1679) , アリル (080-4272-2367)

Venue :
Mirikaroden Nakagawa 2-5-1 Naka, Nakagawamachi, Chikushi-gun, Fukuoka-ken

How to get there :

1. From Tenjin
Take Nishitetsu bus No. 620 (from bus stop Tenjin Bus Center Mae or Tenjin Daiwa Shouken Mae). Get off in Nakagawa Chugakko Kitaguchi (400Yen) , then walk 5 minutes.

西鉄バス『620番』 都市高速経由、那珂川ハイツ行き、那珂川中北口バス停下紗『400円』、徒歩5分。

2. From Hakata
Take Shinkansen JR Hakata St. and drop in JR Hakata Minami Station (290 Yen). Ride community bus “Kawasemi Bus” until Mirikaroden Nakagawa. (To get there on time, take bus at 11.55, 12.55, or earlier. Otherwise you can walk for about 22 minutes).

JR博多駅から新幹線でJR博多南駅下車 『290円』 →コミュニチバス(かわせみバス) に乗車。

Time: 13.00 – 15.30 (Door will be open at 13:00)

Spare your time and enjoy the beauty of Indonesia!
website (nihongo):

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