Cultural Exchanges
April 30, 2013

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Information from FOSA!!

We are looking for excellent 3 group of performers for an upcoming FOSA welcome party 2013 which will be held on the 15th May. Whoever match the requirements and interested to casino online perform in front of hundreds of international and Japanese students should contact us as soon as possible!

Recruit (fixed) number : 3 performers (or a group of performers – max number is 3 persons per group)

Application time limit : Until May, 8th

How to apply : Contact the culture department on
*There will be a small interview for the applicants of which the decision will be made.

Remuneration :

Less than or equal to 2 people: 10000 Yen will be remunerated.

More than or equal to 3 people, 20000 Yen will be remunerated.

Each payment includes for transport fee and interview fee and other costs.

All of you have great abilities! We are waiting for your great chance to show us!!

More detail: Contact the culture section on





申請方法:フェリンさん(Felin) までご連絡ください。



詳しい連絡先 FOSA文化部門部長フェリンさん

Performance reference

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