FOSA Membership Application is now OPEN!
March 13, 2014

We Want You!!

** Now, we are recruiting new volunteers to join FOSA**

If you want to join a great community and help organizing activities for the international students in Fukuoka and deepen the friendship perspectives between the Japanese and the foreigners, then FOSA is the perfect place for you!

However, in order to join us we demand a few requirements:
-Only International Students living in Fukuoka are allowed to apply.
-We expect you to be able to speak Japanese and English.
-Dedication of your time to attend and participate in pokies online FOSA regular meetings.

Now, How to apply!
Send us a mail with the following Subject: [FOSA Membership Application] and answer the following questions:
-Phone Number:
-Which division online casino do you want to join?: (Choose one: Culture-Sports-PR)
-Why do you want to join FOSA?*
-What can we expect from you?*
-What ideas do you have to improve FOSA”s activities?*
-Any comments?*

*Please answer each question with at least 150 words and maximum 200 words.

Mail your application to:

The deadline is April, 15th.