FOSA Football Tournament 2013 [CLOSED]
June 5, 2013


We are pleased to announce that FOSA Football Tournament 2013 will be held this month. The detailed are listed below.

-Date of the Tournament: June, 23rd
-Time: From 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
-Place: Kyushu Sangyo University크기변환_football tournament
-Maximum online casino teams to participate: 9 team
-Players eligible to play on the match: 7 players/ match
-Maximum players per team: 15 Player
-Last day to apply: June, 14th

Please send us the information of your team on this email address:
The information are listed below:

-Name of the team:
-Name of the leader:
-Email address of the leader:
-Mobile number of the leader:
-Number of the players:

We are looking forward to see you!
Let”s have fun!



-大会日にち: 6月23日
-時間: 朝8:30から午後4:30まで
-場所: 九州産業大学
-最大参加チーム: 9 チーム
-試合あたりプレヤー数: 7 名/ 1チーム
-1チームあたり最大プレヤー数: 15 名
-チーム募集締め切り日: 6月14日

チームの情報を備えた上でFOSAのEメールアドレス に送ってください。


FOSAと一緒にLet”s have fun!

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