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Join Us in Hakata Donataku
April 24, 2015

Dear international students, FOSA is an active participant in Hakata Dontaku parade every year. This parade attracts two million people every year making it one of the biggest festivals to attend during golden week. FOSA helps international students to be a part of this parade under its flag. So casino don”t miss this amazing opportunity, […]


We Want You!! ** Now, we are recruiting new volunteers to join FOSA** If you want to join a great community and help organizing activities for the international students in Fukuoka and deepen the friendship perspectives between the Japanese and the foreigners, then FOSA is the perfect place for you! However, in order to join […]

January 9, 2014

!!SURPRISE!! FOSA will hold a BOWLING TOURNAMENT this month! APPLY: Subscribe to FOSA Newsletter: INFORMATION: -This Bowling Tournament is supported by FOSA – Fukuoka Overseas Students Association- so the successful participants are NOT REQUIRED to pay for playing, however, participants ARE REQUIRED to pay only for Bowling Shoes Rental (300 Yen). – Only […]

FOSA Culture Show 2013!!
November 7, 2013

FOSA Presents a NEW EVENT!! FOSA Culture Show 2013!! The information about this event can be found in the poster below. We also searching for performers. If you want to casino online perform in the event, please contact us on

August 26, 2013

[参加者募集中] みんなでそうめん流ししませんか? 9月21日~22日、大学生、留学生コミュニティ、CREAT TOGETHERによる福岡市箱崎で行われる竹林整備ボランティア及びそうめん流しをする予定です。関心のある学生さんの参加をお待ちしております。 *参加方法:チラシの内容確認 [participants wanted] Why don”t we go and have Somen-nagashi(flowing noodle eathing)? on 21, 22th of September, Local and international university students community, CREAT TOGETHER is preparing casino online bamboo forest maintenance volunteerism and Somen-nagashi on each day. Students who are interested in participating this event, whoever you are welcomed to […]

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