2012 FOSA Culture Show
November 13, 2012

Want to know the performances this year?

  1. Groove along with the African dance.
  2. Enjoy the Angklung performances. They performed for the crown prince during his visit to Fukuoka!
  3. Take a deep breath with the Taichi rhythmical movement.
  4. Be entertained by fellow students from the Philippines
  5. See how FOSA officers rock the stage with the fashion show with a twist!
  6. Rejoice the soothing oriental musical performance from China,
  7. Have wonderful time with dance performance of Vietnam,
  8. Trip away with performance of students from Thailand,


Check out the talents of international students in Fukuoka from the photos! you can vote and help them win the favorite photo!!

So, open your planner, check your schedule, drag along your friends, neighbor, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, children and rejoice with the international students in Fukuoka.

Students are FREE!! Public ticket is 500 yen and by buying the ticket, you will help the victim of flood in Northern Kyushu last July! Where to get the tickets isabel sanford pokies? You can get them on the venue or inquire to Fukuoka International Students” Support Center directly best online casino at ACROS Fukuoka 3F, within the kokusai hiroba.

This is our biggest event, yet. So, come and be part of the international society!!!

Fukuoka Overseas Students’ Association (FOSA)











12:30 受付 Reception
12:50 開会 Opening
13:00 司会者挨拶 Greeting from MC
13:05 主催者挨拶 Greeting from organizers
13:20 支援者紹介 Introduction of sponsors
13:25 感謝状贈呈 Presentation of appreciation
13:30 時間割の説明 Today’s Program explanation
First Part
13:35 アフリカダンス African Dance
13:45 インドネシアアンクルング Indonesia Angklung
13:50 中国太極 Chinese Tachi
14:00 フィリピンダンス Philippine Dance
14:05 ファッションショー Fashion Show
14:15 クイズ時間 Quiz Time 1
14:30-14:45 休憩 Break time
Second Part
14:45 中国楽器とポッピング Chinese instrument and popping
14:55 ベトナムダンス Vietnam Dance
15:05 タイダンス Thai Dance
15:15 クイズ時間2 Quiz time 2
15:20 写真展の投票結果発表 Announcement for Photo Exhibition
15:25 日本太鼓 Japanese Taiko
15:50 Performers on stage Performers on stage
16:00 退場 Exiting
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