2012 Bowling Competition
November 15, 2012

留学生 各位
Dear friends!


  • 日時:2013年1月27日(日) 午後2時~
  • 場所楽市街道2F 〒812-0053 福岡県福岡市東区箱崎5-1-8
  • 参加費
    • 学生:無料 (ただし、靴のレンタルを300円各自を負担願います)
    • 一般:1000円(シューズ代込)
  • ルール:各チームに4人。一人が2Gずつをしてもらい、その4人の合計によって、優勝を決定します。ベスト・スコアも与賞します。
  • 申込方法:
    • まず、申込書はここにダウンロードしてください。
    • 申込書を漏れなく記入お願いします。
    • メールの件名を「Bowling Tournament」にしてください。
    • 申込書をinfo@fosa.jpまで送信してください。
  • 申込締切2013113日(日





We are pleased to announce you the 2012 BOWLING TOURNAMENT.

Please make your teams as soon as possible and join us because the number of teams is limited to 24, and this tournament is run on a first come first served principle.

  • Date and time: January 27, casino online 2013 (Sunday)  from 14:00 onwards
  • Venue: Rakuichi-Kaido 2F (5-1-8 online casino australia  Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka).
  • Participant fee:
    • Student:Free. However, each player should pay 300 yen for renting the shoes specialized for bowling.
    • Public:1000円(Bowling shoes rental fee included)
  • Competition rule: Each team has 4 players; each player will play 2 games. The total scored of 4 players will be recorded and considered for the winners. The best scored players will also be awarded.
  • Registration:
    • Click here to download the registration form!
    • Fill the registration form
    • Put the subject of your email as BOWLING TOURNAMENT
    • Fill the attached form with all the details and send to
  • Deadline for registration: January 13, 2013

We”ll be seeing you in the lane!

Fukuoka Overseas Students” Association (FOSA)