June 24, 2013

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Panasonic invites 120 international students to New York Symphony Concert!

Details are as follows:

• Date & Time:Wednesday, 10th July 2013, Opens from 18:30, Starts from 19:00, Ends around 21:00

日時: 2013年7月10日(水)18:30開場、19:00開演、21:00頃終演

• Venue: Symphonic Hall, Acros Fukuoka, East 1st Floor

場所: アクロス福岡 シンフォニーホール

• Performing: New York Symphonic Ensemble conducted by Mr Mamoru Takahara

出演: ニューヨーク・シンフォニック・アンサンブル(指揮:高原 守)

• Program 曲目:

Ÿ   A.F. Doppler : Andante and Rondo, Op.25

Ÿ   A.Dvorak : Czech Suite in D major, Op.39, B.93

Ÿ   L.V.Beethoven:Symphony No.7 in A major, Op.92

• How to apply 申込方法:

Send the following details 下記の情報を:

Ÿ   – Name 氏名:

Ÿ   – Country 出身国:

Ÿ   – School 出身校:

Ÿ   – E-mail address メールアドレス:

Ÿ   – Phone number 携帯番号:

To with “Panasonic Concert” as the subject.

そして、メール件名を「Panasonic Concert」を付けた上に、info@fosa.jpまで送信してください。

• Registration deadline: Friday, 28th June, 2013 online casino 23:59

申込締切: 2013728日(月)23:59

• There are several ground rules applied:


• This is an invitation tickets from Panasonic System Network Co. Ltd.


①     Tickets are not to be resold.


②     When you cannot come, please give your tickets to your international-students fellows.


• Please follow the manner at concert hall as follows:

①     TURN OFF your mobile phone during performance.


②     No recording during concert is allowed (There were similar cases in the past)


③     There will be no entrance/exit allowed during concert.(If you arrive late, a staff member will be available to guide you to your seat if needed)


④     Please follow the etiquette of attending a classical concert. *There will be English-speaking staffs to assist you.


• After registration, we will send you further information how to get your tickets.


Apply as soon as possible before you missed a valuable chance to enjoy some classical music in between your hectic routines with study, research, and jobs!